Ep.118 – Piping hot tea and big hats!

Piping hot tea and big hats

Hello and welcome to our latest episode! We are down to discuss the new trailer for season 2 of Picard which recently dropped and we wanted to get some thoughts out about it before the season started! You may have noticed we are big fans of Picard, so this trailer was a pretty big deal and there's a lot to be excited about in it!

Ep.117 – In Defence of: Is there in truth, no beauty?

In Defence of: Is there in truth, no beauty?

Hello lovely listeners and welcome to a new episode of 10Backward. This time, we're going back to the Original Series to look at a maligned episode that actually has some pretty awesome concepts. But also... is problematic! Can we defend it? Is there enough beauty to overcome the uncomfortable truth?

Ep.116 – Cowboy Crossover Capers

Cowboy Crossover Capers

Howdy pardners! This episode is a mighty fine special event! We've gathered at high noon with the amazing Jenn Tift and Ross Webster of Snap Trek to do a special, Snap Trek comparison of Trek Western episodes! It's a high noon showdown with a lot of fun discussion and cowboy accents thrown in!

Ep.115 – More LowerDecks

More Lower Decks

Hello lovely listeners! Hope you've had a good holiday season, apologies for the delays, hopefully we'll get our schedules sorted for 2022! So here's our 2nd part of the LowerDecks season 2 discussion, to finish off 2021. Hope you enjoy and Happy New Year! Stay safe and we'll see you in 2022 for more Trek talking!

Ep.114 – Back on the Cerritos

Welcome to our latest episode! We've recorded this a little while back, while LowerDecks Season 2 was on and it's our thoughts on the first half of that season! Fair to say, it's a lot of fun! We'll be bringing out thoughts on the second half at you very soon!

Ep.113 – Fight! 2 - The Live Show


to our latest episode, a bit of a trip back in time, to October 2019, where, at Destination Star Trek, the 10Backward crew did Fight! 2, a sequel to our popular Fight! episode. When I say at Destination Star Trek, I mean, on stage as a schedule panel, they actually let us do that... what were they thinking? Anyway, it was quite a good one, however, we thought it might never be released as the sound quality was poor. We've been working on it and trying our best to minimise the background noise and improve the speaking. So apologies, this isn't the best audio ever, but I think you should be able to hear most of it!

Ep.112 – Star Trek Day Reactions

Star Trek Day Reactions 2021

Hello lovely listeners and welcome to our latest episode. We discuss some of the trailers and revelations that came out of the recent Star Trek Day. That's it, that's what we're doing this episode! Its a good discussion though and a lot of exciting stuff to process.

Bonus Interview - T'Pons theatre on subspace

Bonus Interview: T'Pons Theater on Subspace

Hello and welcome to our bonus episode featuring the full interview we did with the excellent Rich Masters, who writes for the brilliant T'Pons Theatre. Originally recorded for our 100th episode we had such a great chat with Rich we had more material than we could fit in the episode again so here it all is!

Ep.111 – Way of the Warrior

Way of the Warrior

Greetings gentle listener and welcome to the latest episode. Here we discuss what is arguably one of Deep Space Nines finest episodes the 4th season opener, Way of the Warrior. Basically we flipping love it and can bang about the great moments and how it compares to The Rock joining the fast and the furious movies.

Yeah... That is actually part of it!

Ep.110 – In defence of Shades of Grey

In defence of Shades of Grey

Hello lovely listeners and welcome to our latest episode, where we take on our toughest challenge and attempt to find something great about The Next Generation's season 2 finale, Shades of Grey. A clip show, in the worst sense of the term, but surely a bunch of clips of Star Trek can be only awesome? What possible defence can we mount for such a widely lambasted episode? Find out by listening!