Mysterious city of androids

Mysterious City of Androids

Hello! Welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward. We're talking about Star Trek Picard for the penultimate time! Well, actually we will bang on about it loads in the future actually, but this is our penultimate reaction episode, because after next week... there won't be any more to react to! But, as wild a ride as it is, it's not over yet, so listen to find out what we have to say about androids, mind melds, space orchids and potential spin offs!

Glowy space roundabout!

Glowy Space Roundabout

Hello and welcome to another episode of 10Backward. Continuing our run of immediate reaction episodes, we discuss episode 8 of Star Trek Picard, mere moments after watching it. What are our thoughts? Find out within!

Space Basil

Space Basil

Welcome to the latest episode of 10Backward! We are continuing our Picard reaction series by reacting to Picard, Episode 7! This episode we reunite with some old friends, discuss pizza ovens, fading crushes and more! 

Borg Health and Safety error!

Borg Health and Safety Error

Welcome to the latest epsiode of 10Backward! We discuss episode 6 of Picard, The Impossible Box, where we have serious thoughts about Keepy Uppy, the health and safety implications of walkways with no handrails and much more!

Murders, accents and eyepatches

Murders, accents and eyepatches

Hello and welcome to another episode of 10Backward. This week we gather to discuss episode 5 of Star Trek:Picard mere moments after watching. What are our thoughts? We cover the meaty important issues, like french accents and whether theres been more accidents offscreen from people sliding down corridors in their socks! We... also talk about Seven's arc to this moment, Picard's moments with here, Jurati's relationship possibilities between Rios and Maddox and Raffi's other mission. But obviously you want to hear about the sock sliding!

We hearty Dr Jurati

We Hearty Dr Jurati

Welcome to the latest 10Backward episode, where we talk Episode 4 of Star Trek Picard, Absolute Candor. We talk about the new addition to the cast, the story progress, Coronavirus, ninjas and so much more! And yes, that ending! As is obvious, do not listen if you haven't watched the episode or this will be Spoiler City!

Raffi....Raffi! Raffi! Raffi!

Raffi....Raffi! Raffi! Raffi!

Hello! It's time for another episode of 10Backward, where we will be discussing Episode 3 of Star Trek: Picard, The End is the Beginning! Rick Everson couldn't make this recording, however, the wonderful and awesome Rob Chapman has kindly stepped in to fill Rick's shoes.

Sheer Flipping Hubris!

Sheer Flipping Hubris

Hello and welcome to 10Backward! We return for another immediate discussion right after we've watched episode 2 of Star Trek Picard! We discuss the events of the episode, we talk about the new characters while consistently failing to remember their names and we debate the merits of new ways of thinking in medicine. Apologies, there was a sound issue with this recording which we weren't able to fix. Hopefully it wont mar your enjoyment too much.

Picard returns!

Picard Returns

He's back! It's been a long wait, but then did we ever expect him back? The 10Backward crew get together to talk Picard's premiere episode mere moments after watching! What were our immediate reactions? Love? Loathing? Ambivalence? Gassiness? Find out!

D C Fontana

D C Fontana

The latest 10Backward, we look at the influence DC Fontana had on the Trek franchise. From her beginnings on the original series, through to eary DS9, she's left an indelible mark on Trek and her influence is still felt in todays series.