Ep.128 – When they got away with it...

When they got away with it

This episode, we're talking about times the crew did something questionable but... Got away with it. It was glossed over, or tucked into the background, just to advance the plot. Who are we calling out? Are they justified or will we condemn them to the brig?

Ep.127 – Strange New Worlds part 2 - Stranger and newer!

Horld Pt 2 - Stranger and Newer

Hello and welcome to our latest episode! Following on from our earlier discussion about Strange New Worlds, we are completing our look at it's first season by talking through the final 5 episodes. What did we think? Are we liking it? Or is it too strange and new? And Worlds? Which of us has a massive crush on Captain Pike? (Spoiler, it's all of us) Find out by listening and enjoy

Ep.126 – Bill Blair - The Alien Actor

Bill Blair - The Alien Actor

Our latest episode has us interviewing the incredible Bill Blair, known as 'The Alien Actor' as he holds the Guinness record for most appearances in prosthetics, he's appeared in a lot of sci-fi, including Babylon 5 and most importantly, StarTrek! He is an absolute delight to speak to and has incredible stories, so we hope you enjoy this! Bill's website: alienactor.com Bill's Twitter: @billblair4reel https://twitter.com/BillBlair4Ree l

Ep.125 – Strange New Worlds

Part 1

Strange New Worlds

It is here! After all the build up and delay of Covid etc. We finally have our new series with Pike, Spock, Una and more! The question is, is it good solid Trek fun? We waited till it was available in the UK and now Paramount + is here, we can talk about it! So this is our lengthy discussion about the first 5 episodes of season 1 of Strange New Worlds! Episode Notes

Ep.124 – Q's and Queens and Paradoxes... Oh my!

Episode Notes

Hello! Welcome to our latest episode, where we finish our thoughts on the second season of Picard! We previously talked about the first few episodes so here we are mainly concentrating on episodes 4-10.

Ep.123 – In Defence of Threshold

In Defence of Threshold

Hello and welcome to our latest episode, which is another in our series defending those episodes that take a lot of heat, we look to find the good in the Warp 10 barrier breaking, body horror, weird idea of evolution, bad salamander parent-fest that is Threshold! Usually an episode that evokes strong opinions, what do we have to say about it? Find out here.

Ep.122 – Son of a Pitch

Son of a Pitch

Scome to our latest episode... This time, we have one we've been wanting to do for nearly 2 years, we felt it would work best when we could all get back in a room together and... well that took a while! But we got there and we are happy to present our special episode where we each pitch our ideas for new Trek series! Hope you enjoy!

Ep.121 – Butt Naked Talking to Skulls

Butt Naked Talking to Skulls

Hello and hi! It's our latest episode, where we discuss 2nd and 3rd episodes of Picard season 2! How do we feel about alternate timeline shenanigans? Do we need a blackboard? What inspired this title? Find out by listening!

Ep.120 – Problematic old Grandpa - Picard Season 2 Episode 1

Problematic old Grandpa - Picard Season 2 Episode 1

So, you may have noticed that Picard has returned! The long awaited second season began and Amazon Prime have been showing it round the world. How did everyone enjoy that first episode? It was a pretty packed ride wasn't it? We recorded a reaction on Friday after watching, to go through some thoughts. And here are those thoughts!

Ep.119 – Borg Beyond

Episode Notes

Hello and welcome to our episode, where we look at the Borg beyond Best of Both Worlds in TNG. Specifically I, Borg and Descent. We discuss the idea that this began a weakening of the Borg and how they are as stories returning TNG's baddest villan. Hope you enjoy!